Squirrel vs Man: Man = 0, Squirrel = 42

“In a battle between man and squirrel, the odds would be on a human winning – but one red squirrel just isn’t giving up.  For eight years, Bill Fischer has had been trying to stop a red squirrel from filling his pick-up truck with walnuts. 

Every Autumn the persistent rodent stashes hundreds of nuts in the engine compartment, wheel arches, behind the bumper and in the doors of the 56-year-old’s truck in preparation for winter. 

As a result, Bill, who lives in Fargo, North Dakota, has to spend hours removing walnuts from all the various nooks and crannies of his truck…

And this year the squirrel has outdone itself, stashing a record-breaking 42 Gallons of nuts in Bill’s truck…”


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Contributor: Roxy