Animal Abstracts

Seabirds smaller, sicker from plastic, say scientists

After 70 years of industrial-level plastic production, the plastic-fantastic world of humans is making seabirds physically smaller and very sick from a variety of illnesses. In fact, the birds are not only smaller in size, but they are now living with an alarming list of health conditions, including high cholesterol and kidney problems, after ingesting plastic debris.

Most Research on Ape Capabilities Faulty and Biased, say leading scientists

The way many researchers have measured, perceived and interpreted how capable apes are has been biased and the conclusions are all wrong, argue some scientists. Leading scientists in the field of ape cognition have conducted a study that reveals apes’ abilities have been unfairly measured, throwing into doubt the assumed belief that human infants are superior to adult chimpanzees.

Petting Dogs, Cats Reduces Stress Levels: New Study

There is now another reason to strengthen the human-animal bond: A new scientific study has demonstrated that in addition to potential psychological benefits, petting dogs and cats also has stress-relieving physiological benefits. The study results demonstrated that just 10 minutes of interacting with cats and dogs can produce a significant reduction in cortisol, a major stress hormone.