In memory






Despite the pain and suffering she endured as a tiny puppy (she started her life on the receiving end of abuse, neglect and starvation), for fifteen years this amazing spirit radiated pure joy and love to nearly everyone she encountered.  After she was rescued and adopted she was offered the name “Mai-Tai” (chosen because of the connotation, “Out of this world, fantastic” in Polynesian and Tahitian cultures and “Come-to-me” in Hawaiian).  The glow that radiated from her spirit made strangers want to stop and touch her; the name, as it turned out, fit her perfectly.

Mai-Tai was the driving force and inspiration, and the Official Greeter for FIREPAW, Inc.—a job she took quite seriously.  Each and every day she was our teacher of compassion, joy, patience, forgiveness, and most of all, knowing what is truly important in life.  Thank you, Mai-Tai, for making us better humans.