Working Dogs vs Pet Dogs Health: Study

A new study of search and rescue dogs showed little difference in longevity or cause of death between dogs at the disaster site and dogs in a control group. The study revealed that dogs that participated in search-and-rescue efforts following 9/11 lived a similar length of time, on average, compared to a control group of search-and-rescue dogs and outlived their breed-average life spans. There was also no discernible difference in the dogs’ cause of death.

Dog Fears and Remedies

Having a dog that is frequently fearful of new situations, noises, and things like height can be challenging for dogs and their owners.  But now we are starting to understand the triggers of those fears and more importantly, the remedies. While genes (breed) plays a role, a new scientific study has discovered that the more dogs are engaged in activities and the more diverse experiences and canine friends they have, the less fearful they are in new situations and environments.