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The Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare [FIREPAW]

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 What is FIREPAW?


The Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education Promoting Animal Welfare is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization dedicated to scientific research and public education of animal welfare issues.


Our Mission

The FIREPAW Archives



What is in the archives?

-Numerous articles from our previous research studies on animal welfare-related topics published in peer-reviewed scientific journals

-Previous analyses and results for the Maddie’s Fund programs

-Several abstracts and articles from previous scientific and professional conferences and seminars

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Additional studies and papers of interest

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Study on the Economics of Animal Welfare

The study, “Is there an animal welfare Kuznets Curve?”, is published in the Journal of Ecological Economics (Volume 66, pages 478-491). CLICK HERE

Arguments Against AETA

FIREPAW’s article examining the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA) (based on a conference presentation on the same subject), is published in the Peace Studies Journal, a peer-reviewed interdisciplinary academic journal. CLICK HERE

Animal Guardians in the Bahamas

FIREPAW researchers assisted colleagues in the Bahamas in providing supporting statistics for their replication study of the FIREPAW research study on Companion Animals Guardians vs. Owners.  The study compared attitudes and behaviors of Bahamians versus the U.S. on issues surrounding treatment norms of companion animals. Both the original FIREPAW study and the replication study appear in the peer-reviewed scientific journal Anthrozoos. CLICK HERE AND  CLICK HERE

The Breed Discrimination Study

“Discrimination based on breed of domesticated dogs among insurance companies: Economic vs. interdisciplinary explanations”, Journal of Social and Ecological Boundaries, (2.2), 56-84. CLICK HERE


Breed Discrimination Study Press Release  CLICK HERE

Breed Discrimination Report EXECUTIVE SUMMARY  CLICK HERE

Breed Discrimination FINAL REPORT  CLICK HERE

Animals as Food

“Meat as a bad habit: A case for positive feedback in consumption preferences leading to lock-in.” Review of Social Economy 65 (3): 319-348.  CLICK HERE

Conference Abstract: Meat as a Bad Habit Abstract-ISAZ Conference Presentation  CLICK HERE

Companion Animal Overpopulation

The FIREPAW research article, “Analysis of programs to reduce overpopulation of companion animals: Do no-kill adoption and low-cost spay/neuter programs merely cause substitution of sources?”, is published by the peer-reviewed, scientific journal Ecological Economics. The article is based on long-term FIREPAW research on the most effective methods for reducing animal overpopulation.  Analysis of Programs to Reduce Overpopulation Companion Animals: CLICK HERE

Public Education

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FIREPAW principals, founders and researchers have designed and conducted numerous public seminars and workshops on the topics of ‘Stopping Animal Abuse’, ‘Changing Our Perceptions of Captive Animals’, ‘Animals as Economic Goods’, ‘The Financial Benefits of Pet-Friendly Rental Housing’, and ‘Stopping Companion Animal Overpopulation’, as well as giving interviews on these topics to numerous print, web, and television media outlets.

Companion Animal Victims Educational Seminars (CAVES)

Companion Animal Renters Program (CARP)


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Documentary Short on the Problems and Solutions of Pets and Rental Housing 


A FIREPAW Documentary Short about the problems–and solutions–of renting with pets. Created for landlords, rental property owners and tenants with pets, the video explores the findings from FIREPAW’s national scientific research study on companion animal renters published in the peer-reviewed international journal Anthrozoos and book written for landlords, rental property managers, and professionals working in the animal-welfare arena.

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Program Evaluation and Analysis


For many years FIREPAW’s primary research focus was conducting program evaluations, data analyses and strategic planning of ongoing programs for no-kill shelters and animal welfare organizations across the U.S.  In more recent times we have shifted our research efforts to focus on the eco-animal impact of governmental policies and corporate behavior. See our Research page for details.

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