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Pets, Moving and Relocation Stress: Video

Explores the unique problems–and solutions–of the effects of relocation stress and moving with pets (including problems securing pet-friendly housing). A “must see” for anyone who is planning to move and has companion animal family members.

video-I should have paid more attention-The Desroyer

I should have paid more attention to you

Rescued dog lives inside of a home for the first time and goes crazy. Humans learn that (1) dogs who have never lived indoors before should not be left alone, even for 10 minutes, and (2) dogs have an even greater affinity for Pottery Barn bedding than humans.

wild horses

Wild horse country

After years of searching the high desert, BLM claims of wild horses running free seemed questionable until one day…

coyote stopped us inthe desert-asked for water


In our roles as wildlife stewards-advocates we often have encounters with wildlife animals that many mainstream humans would find unbelievable. Unfortunately, we usually do not have any documentation to present as evidence.  This case offered at least a snapshot that we will forever cherish.

It was late afternoon and we were returning from a hiking trip in the desert southwest in the middle of summer. The temperature was in the triple digits and the sun was blaring down so hard you could feel its weight on your shoulders. There had been a severe drought for the previous three months and the ground appeared crusted and parched as we winded our way along the nearly desolate highway. Suddenly, out of nowhere, there appeared a young coyote walking towards us down the middle of the highway.  It was one of those surreal moments when you doubt your own senses and wonder if you are imaging what you are seeing.

We slowed down and the closer we got, rather than taking off into the desert to escape us, the more the coyote pup moved from the meridian divider towards the center of the car, as if willing us to pull over. We stopped the car about 500 feet from him and opened the car doors, expecting him to bolt out into the wilderness.  Instead, he approached the open car door closest to the highway and stood silently looking in at the car.  Following a strange, almost cosmic-like moment of silent communication, we both looked at each other and said, “Water!”

We immediately rummaged through the duffel bag in the back seat searching for our dog’s water bottle and cup, filled it to the top with fresh water, and slowly walked around the back of the car to a flat area on the desert soil beside the road. The coyote followed right behind the entire way.

After the cup of water was on the ground we slowly stepped back and the coyote pup went to the plastic cup and rapidly drank every drop of water.  Would he want more?  A slow, careful approach back to the cup with the water bottle answered our question. He drank the second cup–and a third–before turning and walking away into the desert.

We did not dare disrupt the situation to rummage through our bags for the camera equipment–all we had was a cell phone snap opportunity which is shown above.  That and our memories.

It made us remember previous footage of coyotes we caught while hiking in southern California. This footage was taken from very far away, and was not nearly as profound, but very cool, nonetheless.


Companion Animal Renters

FIREPAW’s Companion Animal Renter’s Program [CARP] doc short-video.

Pet-Friendly Rentals from FIREPAW on Vimeo.

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