FIREPAW Research

In recent years we have shifted our research efforts to focus on the eco-animal impact of governmental policies and corporate behavior.  It is a more environmentally-friendly, sustainable perspective about the role that animals–both domesticated and wildlife–play in the bigger picture, and in our lives as humans, and how our policies and actions as corporations, governmental bodies and individuals should respond.

wild horses-stamped firepaw



As we work to assist corporations, attorneys, advocacy organizations, political leaders, and other professionals to correct current ineffective and often harmful policies, we examine topics like: -Breed Discrimination: Insurance companies; Corporate and Independent Rental Property Owners-Lease Agreement Pet Policies: Corporate and Individual Rental Property Owners-Animal Abuse-Pet Food and Pet Product Label Violations-Evaluation of Wildlife Management Programs: geese; deer; feral cats; wild horses; wild burros; etc.-Animal Welfare: Regulatory and policy status and violations


The services we offer include Program evaluation and analysis; Investigative research reports; Scientific and professional research and analysis; Quantitative simulations and environmental modeling; Economic and financial analysis of potential and existing conditions and cases; Advanced statistical analysis and machine learning-based predictive modeling of conditions; Database design/construction and analysis of large data-sets; and Qualitative analyses of the health and sustainability of animal-related programs and policies.

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