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The Foundation for Interdisciplinary Research and Education [FIREPAW, Inc.] is a 501(c)(3) charitable nonprofit organization focusing on research and education to stop animal suffering. FIREPAW, Inc. offers research and consulting services for a myriad of animal-related projects including program evaluation, empirical research, needs assessment, and financial analysis for animal welfare organizations, municipal animal control projects, and animal shelters, among others. FIREPAW has developed numerous research and education projects including conducting an empirical research study examining the factors associated with companion animal victims of domestic violence, conducting a nationwide empirical study to reduce abandoned animals by examining the factors impacting the availability of pet-friendly rental housing, conducting numerous empirical studies on the factors influencing spay-neuter and pet overpopulation, forming a partnership with American Partnership for Pets (APP), an alliance designed to raise awareness about the plight of homeless and unwanted animals, forming a partnership with Maddie’s Fund to study the effectiveness of programs nationwide designed to reduce euthanasia and unwanted animals, publishing articles in professional and scientific journals, conducting numerous seminars, conferences and television appearances, and authoring numerous books about the antecedents, consequences and solutions surrounding animal suffering.


Our Mission

FIREPAW is a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting animal welfare through research and education. Included among these efforts are the development and execution of research projects and educational programs designed to reduce the levels of abuse, abandonment, neglect and overpopulation of companion animals. FIREPAW is also committed to eliminating the indiscriminate use of sentient animals in painful or lethal laboratory research, factory farming, and the exploitation of animals for entertainment purposes.

FIREPAW’s efforts are guided by the belief that substantial, long-term improvements in the treatment of animals can only be achieved through (a) research designed to uncover the reasons behind animal mistreatment, as well as the most effective methods for redressing these problems, and (b) educational programs designed to change the public ‘s consciousness about animal welfare and animal rights.

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What We Do

FIREPAW researchers and educators (1) design and conduct scientific research studies on a variety of topics concerning animal well-being, (2) design and conduct research studies focusing on program evaluation, needs assessment, and statistical analyses of ongoing animal welfare programs to determine efficacy of existing and proposed programs (such as adoption, spay-neuter, etc.), (3) consult with the principals involved with existing and proposed animal welfare programs to assist them in enhancing programs, (4) conduct educational seminars and presentations on the findings of our empirical research studies, (5) write/publish books and research articles about our findings to share with fellow scientists, professionals, and the general public.

While we have as a primary mission to stop animal suffering, FIREPAW is not an advocacy organization.  Everyone at FIREPAW volunteers their time and expertise. To make a donation and become part of the team that sponsors these important research and educational projects…

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