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Companion Animal Victims Educational Seminars (CAVES)


Stop Animal Cruelty and Neglect in YOUR Community

FIREPAW, Inc. is pleased to present the Companion Animal Victims Educational Seminars. Our mission with the CAVES program is to educate professional audiences concerning the wealth of findings now available in the behavioral and social sciences about the conditions and characteristics of abusive families where companion animals are victims of domestic violence.

The FIREPAW educational seminars are geared toward:

  • specific professional audiences who may encounter companion animal victims of domestic violence and/or perpetrators of animal abuse in the course of their daily work including law enforcement and district attorneys, veterinarians, judges, family therapists and mental health professionals, domestic violence case managers and professionals, ACOs, DCOs, and animal shelter personnel1
  • any general professional or layperson audiences.
  • CAVES seminars offer practical real-world techniques, insights and intervention strategies to help stop and prevent future animal abuse.

 CAVES Project Overview

The program offers:

  • a comprehensive overview of the recent findings in behavioral and social sciences concerning companion animal victims and perpetrators and the conditions of the surrounding environments where this abuse occurs;
  • tailored presentations offering insights into the unique problems and concerns dealing with animal victims and perpetrators as they relate to each targeted profession;
  • techniques, solutions, strategies and resources for each profession to investigate, confront and/or report cases of suspected animal abuse.

By offering tailored educational seminars, the CAVES program greatly enhances the possibility that:

  • professionals will be willing to attend seminars specifically addressing their profession’s unique problems and solutions
  • attendees will feel more comfortable surrounded by their peers with a seminar designed for their specific profession, thereby increasing the likelihood of enhanced comfort level and subsequent participation and an inclination to open up and share their experiences, questions and concerns during the workshop and question and answer segments of the seminar
  • attendees, having received information specific to their profession, may be more inclined to apply what they have learned when they return to the work setting; and,
  • attendees will be more likely to make contacts within their own field which may aid them in problem solving when cases of suspected animal abuse arise.
  • law enforcement and district attorneys
  • veterinarians
  • judges
  • family therapists and mental health professionals
  • domestic violence case managers and professionals
  • ACOs, DCOs, and animal shelter personnel

 CAVES seminars are available nationwide. To arrange a CAVES seminar in your area or for more information, contact us.


Companion Animal Victims Educational Seminars (CAVES)


Companion Animal Renters Program (CARP)


Some Tenants are Real Animals…

And They Can Be a Rental
 Property Owner’s Finest Asset!

Why Animals Can Be a Landlord’s Best Friend…

The Benefits:

Research indicates that one-half of renters have pets. That means that allowing pets in your rental units will double your available applicant pool!

Research has also shown that tenants with pets tend to stay longer, have stronger ties and more loyalty to their immediate community and make stronger bonds with their neighbors than tenants without pets. All this means less turnover, less costs to you and less hassle.

The findings also show that tenants with pets on average report being happier and having higher satisfaction ratings overall than tenants without pets. That can translate to fewer conflicts and complaints to management and rental property owners.

Maximizing the Benefits & Minimizing Problems:

FIREPAW’s Landlords-Pets Program

FIREPAW has developed a three-prong program for maximizing the benefits of accepting tenants with pets while minimizing–and in many cases, eliminating– many of the key problems commonly associated with permitting pets.

Based on empirical research and sound principals in the social- and behavioral sciences we have developed a pragmatic tool for screening out the types of irresponsible and/or problematic pet-owning tenants.

Secondly, FIREPAW will help tailor and develop a well-structured pet policy that holds tenants accountable for their behavior and the behavior of their animals. Separate options such as establishing pet deposit requirements are also considered.

Thirdly, FIREPAW will assist rental property owners develop and implement a well-rounded pet-friendly community within the confines of the rental property. Each custom-designed package of “perks” is designed to enhance tenant satisfaction (thereby maximizing loyalty and the potential for higher rents) while costing rental property owners little to nothing.

Click here to view details of the Companion Animal Renters Program

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Who Can Benefit from FIREPAW Companion Animal Renters Program?

All rental property owners can benefit from this program–from the independent landlord with a small number of units to rental management groups overseeing major complexes. The program is designed to assist both rental property owners and property managers.

How to take part in the FIREPAW Landlords-Pets Program

Taking part in the Companion Animal Renters program for Rental Property Owners is as easy as a phone call.  Simply contact FIREPAW for an appointment for a consultation and needs assessment.

FIREPAW Spay-Neuter Public Awareness Program

albany 3-6usps spay-neuter stamp

It was awhile ago–back when mailing a letter was only 37 cents–but it is still an important footnote in our public education efforts…FIREPAW was a part of the partnership to help implement the USPS Spay-Neuter stamp and we worked to publicize the stamp both regionally and nationally. Attending the unveiling ceremony at FIREPAW Headquarters were numerous animal welfare advocates and prominent figures from the New York State Assembly, including Senator John McEneny, as well as ASPCA Regional Representative and Legal Advocate Stacey Wolf.

This public awareness campaign helped put the urgent problem of pet overpopulation on the radar of the U.S. public as well as sending the critical message that people need to spay-neuter their pets.

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FIREPAW is a charitable nonprofit organization committed to reducing and eliminating the abuse, neglect, abandonment, overpopulation & killing of animals.

FIREPAW’s efforts are guided by the belief that substantial and long-term improvements in the treatment of animals can only be achieved through a two-prong process:

(1) RESEARCH: (a) to uncover the reasons that motivate people to engage in animal maltreatment, and  (b) to determine the best methods for redressing these beliefs and behaviors

(2) EDUCATION: Educational programs designed to change the public’s consciousness about animal welfare.

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For more information on FIREPAW’s research, education, community service and consulting projects contact us for more information.

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