Pet Separation Anxiety High among College Students: Study

Pets are not the only ones that experience separation anxiety.  A survey of a sample of new first-year college students leaving pets at home and found that 75% experienced some level of pet separation anxiety — with one in four reporting moderate to severe symptoms.

Renting with Pets: Resources for Tenants and Landlords

FIREPAW’s Companion Animal Renter’s Program [CARP] was recently referred to readers by a Washington Post op-ed written by award-winning journalist S.E. Smith.  It was a piece about the reported spike in post-pandemic pet dumping in which, rather than pointing fingers at the pet-owners, the author offers more expansive, socio-cultural contextual factors as explanations for pet abandonment in the U.S. Read on for Resources for Tenants and Landlords…Rental Housing and Pets…