Captive Lab Chimps Finally Taste Freedom

Hundreds of chimps have been targets of ongoing invasive research experiments and medical testing in the U.S. for decades. Now nine of those chimps are on their way to a sanctuary where they will live in social groups and “have access to toys, puzzles, and outdoor space with trees”.  Over 200 more chimps will follow behind them on their way to freedom.  These are happy times for the chimps–and for the anti-vivisection/animal rights advocates who have been fighting to set them free.


Hundreds of chimps head from research labs to sanctuaries

Nine chimpanzees were transferred from a research lab to a chimp sanctuary this week, marking the end of privately funded research on chimps in the US.

Hundreds of chimpanzees previously used in research experiments will soon be roaming free in their new home at a chimp sanctuary.

Buttercup, Charisse, Emma, Genesis, Gertrude, Gracie, Jennifer, Latricia and Samira were all born in a lab and had been used in medical testing at the New Iberia Research Center in Louisiana for at least a decade. But thanks to the advocacy work of nonprofit group “Project Chimps,” they will now live at a sanctuary in northern Georgia, with more than 200 other lab chimps set to join them soon.

The move is an exciting milestone, not just for Buttercup and her friends, but for chimps and animal rights advocates all over the US.

Source: Christian Science Monitor