Captive Saddest Bears Rescued

A glimmer of hope that the idea of ‘animals as entertainment’ is finally starting to lose its twisted appeal…

‘Saddest Bear In Europe’ Is Rescued And Runs Free On Grass For First Time

Albania is still home to around 50 “display” bears, often living inside tiny cages on a diet of beer and bread, never knowing life beyond a heavy chain. But now that horrendous existence has finally changed for three of those victims…




Their entire lives were spent in cages, as dubious tourist attractions in Albania. Over the last month or so, Four Paws, with help from the Albanian government, has freed them from a life in chains — a life whose sole purpose was to entertain passersby with sad spectacle.

While these bears found their way to a happy ending, many more remain scattered throughout Albania, suffering in silence. They need to be here. You can join this fight by signing this petition. You can also support Four Paws by making a donation here.



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