Captive Elephants Get Some Relief

Thanks to solar-powered, electric-fenced corrals, the chains have come off some captive elephants in Nepal.

Captive Elephants Freed From a Life in Chains

When not working, elephants at Chitwan National Park in Nepal used to spend all their time in chains. Now, almost all live chain-free in corrals.

So far, Elephant Aid International has built chain-free corrals at 23 locations in Nepal, Thailand, and India, helping more than a hundred elephants. The solar-powered electric fences need only about three hours of sunlight to stay charged for 10 days—a critical advantage in rural parts of Southeast Asia, where electricity may run only a couple of hours each day.

“Chain-free corrals provide a safe and nurturing space for captive-held elephants to experience autonomy and freedom from harsh treatment for the first time in their lives.”

-Carol Buckley, the founder of Elephant Aid International