Dogs have Awesome Short-Term Memory: New Study

Of course at the anecdotal level humans who live with dogs already know they have great memories, such as every evening when you put your sneakers on the dog goes over and noses his leash, signaling it is time for a walk.  And you just know when you misplace your car keys that dog knows exactly where they are. If there’s a chance for a car ride the dog will go to the area where you laid your keys down and circle.  But if he senses he’s not going with you?  Feigned memory lapse, you’re on your own, buddy–he will never reveal a thing.

Your Dog Remembers Every Move You Make


You may not remember what you were doing a few minutes ago. But your dog probably does. A study of 17 dogs found they could remember and imitate their owners’ actions up to an hour later.  The results, published in Current Biology, suggest that dogs can remember and relive an experience much the way people do.

Journal source: Fugazza, C., Pogany, A., and Miklosi, A. 2016. Recall of Others’ Actions after Incidental Encoding Reveals Episodic-like Memory in Dogs, Current Biology, DOI: