Elephant Sweaters

Yes, you are seeing that correctly.  Sweaters…handmade, in fact, to keep rescued, previously abused elephants warm in the bitter cold weather and prevent illness.


Villagers Knit Giant Sweaters to Protect Sanctuary Elephants from Cold Weather

Animal lovers in Mathura, India, are knitting sweaters for elephants at the Wildlife SOS Elephant Conservation and Care Center as part of a new initiative. These colorful new garments will help the rescued pachyderms, several of whom are handicapped, brave the freezing cold weather set to hit northern India.

The 20 elephants that call the center home are blind, disabled or on the mend. Most of them were rescued from trafficking, illegal captivity and cruel circuses. They have been through a lifetime of abuse, and their saviors don’t want them to endure another uncomfortable day ever again…

Do you want to make a contribution to this amazing cause?  To learn more about Wildlife SOS and do your part to protect its elephant residents, visit the website.