More millennials demanding dog-friendly workplaces

Obstacles to widespread adoption [of Bring Your Dog to Work policies] include common pet allergies and some people’s fear of dogs. And big institutional property owners typically stick with long-standing pet prohibitions, favoring predictability and clear-cut rules over flexibility and judgment calls.

Such rules, though, are going the way of neckties and pantyhose as offices grow less formal…

“The millennials run the world and we have to accommodate them.”

Every day is bring your dog to work day at more and more L.A. offices

LA Times

Although dogs have been office mates at some free-wheeling tech and entertainment companies for years, the still-rare practice is getting more mainstream as a growing number of businesses…follow the dot-com industry’s management cues and try to foster creative, collaborative environments for their workers.


“Those policies go back to the old days when old white men made the rules to suit themselves.  I think it’s the future.  More and more we expect our personal, social and business lives to move smoothly together. The point of having a dog is that you want to have him around.”

-Christopher Rising, one of the first L.A. landlords to allow tenants to stroll in [to his office complexes] with Fido or Spot.


Office landlords are following a path blazed by apartment owners, said Lynn Owen, chief operating officer of TruAmerica, a Los Angeles company that owns 32,000 apartments…

Dogs were forbidden for tenants when she started in the business in the 1980s, but a shift began about a decade ago when improved data tracking revealed that apartment landlords were missing out on signing a lot of tenants who wouldn’t live without man’s best friend.

Now, leasing agents at TruAmerica apartment buildings lay out bowls of water and dog treats to court prospective tenants. Pet parks that cost as much as $35,000 are key features of the company’s rental communities. TruAmerica apartment tenants put down a deposit of up to $300 to be tapped in case of pet-related damages. Typical pet deposits for companies that allow dogs in the office are $1,000.

“Owners and managers realized people wanted dogs,” said Owen, who has a yellow Lab mix named Freckles. “Dogs are just a part of everyone’s family.”