Giving Old Dogs New Digs

Paws up for the new trend in senior dog adoption…

The majority “just need a good home and many regain their vitality and reward their families with years of unconditional love and devotion.”



More people are adopting old dogs — really old dogs

One organization says it envisions “a world where no old dog dies alone and afraid.”


The Thulani Program, one of a growing number of animal organizations focusing on adopting out older dogs, or “senior dogs” that are typically 7 years or older. Their age makes them some of the hardest-to-place animals in a society that still adores romping puppies, although that is changing as books on elderly dogs and social media campaigns convince pet-seekers that the mature pooches often come with benefits, such as being house-trained, more sedate and less demanding of people with busy lifestyles.

But some of those adopters go further, selecting pets from programs for dogs in need of hospice care, or what amounts to assisted living for very ill or very old dogs. These programs usually commit to covering the cost of a dog’s medical and dental care, which might otherwise be a major obstacle to finding them homes…



Some of the growing number of organizations focusing on adopting senior doggies…

Thulani Program

Grey Muzzle

Muttville Senior Dog Rescue in San Francisco, California

Bob’s House for Dogs in Eleva, Wisconsin