Doggy Database

Here are some datasets that can be used for some serious analyses (spay-neuter data) or just plain fun like finding out the most popular doggy names* in NYC!

*Yes, we have already checked…the name “Covfefe” does not appear. Maybe next year!

NYC doggies. You might have seen New York City’s bubble map of dog names. It turns out that the underlying dataset — which includes the name, gender, age as of 2015, breed, and borough of more than 110,000 dogs — is available on GitHub.

You can also download slightly older, but more detailed data from WNYC’s Dogs of NYC project. That data includes each dog’s coat colors, whether it had been spayed/neutered, and its ZIP code.

Related: Similar pet license data from Tacoma, Wash., and Edmonton, Canada.

[h/t Alex P. Miller + Dan Nguyen]

Source: Data is Plural