Hyena Man says it’s a gift from God to be friends with hyenas

An incredible example of the human-animal bond…


Hyenas Spark Admiration, Not Fear, in Ethiopia’s Harar City


Hyenas roam the streets of the ancient walled city of Harar in eastern Ethiopia every night, seeking scraps of meat to drag to the nearby caves.

But residents are not afraid. A family chosen by the town to feed the animals is not daunted by the task despite the dangers that are associated with coming into close quarters with such wild animals.

Abbas Yusuf, known as Hyena Man, learned to feed the hyenas from his father, Yusuf Mume Salleh, who fed them for 45 years before passing the job to his son 13 years ago…


“I am privileged by God to be a good friend to those misunderstood animals.”

-Abbas Yusuf, aka “The Hyena Man”


hyena pack


“I have a baby hyena in my house and keep it in my bedroom and I’m not worried it will bite me when I sleep.”

–Abbas Yusuf, aka “The Hyena Man”


Abbas has given the hyenas names according to their behaviour and appearance. Among them are “Dabbassoo” or “Hairy”, “Tuqan Dilii” or “Lazy”, and “Qallaa”, meaning “skinny”…


hyena man feeds hyenas from his mouth

To encourage visitors to trust the hyenas, Abbas feeds them directly from his mouth.


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