Technology to give abandoned stray dogs a job and a purpose

From strays to dogs with a purpose…Ingenuous new technology may soon be helping turn abandoned, homeless dogs into working community watchdogs.  This has the potential for changing public perceptions about these abandoned creatures, and animals in general.

‘Smart vest’ turns stray dogs into Thailand’s street guardians

New technology called “smart vest”…potentially could turn stray dogs into guardians of Bangkok’s streets and alleyways.

Equipped with a hidden video camera, the vest has sensors that transmit live streaming videos when the dog barks, showing what the dog sees via a mobile phone and computer application.

There are stray dogs on the streets of most Thai cities and the developer thought smart vests could help both the dogs and the community.

 “It will make people feel that stray dogs can become night-watches for the communities.”   -Pakornkrit Khantaprap, Smart Vest creative team member

Martin Turner, managing director of the Phuket-based Soi Dog Foundation, which was formed over a decade ago to save stray dogs and cats across Thailand, welcomed the initiative.

Turner says there are many cases of cruelty against animals in Thailand, despite the introduction of the country’s first Animal Welfare Law in late 2014, which penalizes wrongdoers with a maximum two years’ imprisonment and a 40,000 baht ($1,205) fine…

The developer says a lot more tests are needed before the vest can be introduced into communities for trial runs.