Yes Virginia, Turtle Play IS Real

If you’ve been fortunate enough to witness it firsthand, as one of firepaw’s own researchers recently was, the games turtles play can seem quite obvious.  Their play with one another–and even other species–can involve their own forms of hiding, chasing, fetching, and all around general fun and silliness.

Make no mistake about it, turtle games are real.  And it’s not just animal enthusiasts who are familiar with turtle play–some scientists have been studying the play behavior of turtles for quite some time.  Including Dr. Gordon Burghardt, a psychology professor at the University of Tennessee, Knoxville, who published his findings on the play behavior of turtles and other species in The Scientist back in 2010. Here is a quick summary.


And you should really check out this video of turtles playing fetch with dogs!

turtles play fetch