Landlords Cannot Ban Pets: Ontario

Great news for renters and their animals in Ontario: a new law was recently passed that prohibits landlords from banning pets in rental housing*.  The new, simple standard lease “will be mandatory for private residential leases signed on or after April 30, 2018, including tenancies in single and semi-detached houses, apartment buildings, rented condominiums and secondary units (such as basement apartments)”.

Pets Can No Longer Be Banned In Rental Units |

Pets Can’t Be Banned In Rental Units – Housing Peterborough

* “While Ontario Tenant law previously stated landlords couldn’t prohibit pets, this now applies to more rental accommodations in the Province of Ontario, outlined on

It’s still common for classified and other rental ads to say, “No Pets”. The law doesn’t seem to prohibit that, so some uninformed owners continue to give up their pets.”

-Chris Harris



And for those people working to stop housing pet bans outside of Ontario:

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