Caught on Tape: Mesmerizing Footage of Lions Drinking at Night

Watch This Mesmerizing Video of Lions Drinking Water at Night Shot by a Wildlife Photographer

Wildlife photographer Peter Haygarth staked out a pride of lions for 15 hours to capture the beautiful and mesmerizing video below of the animals drinking water at night from a reflecting pool. The footage was captured from just 13 feet away at the Zimanga Private game reserve in South Africa.

Haygarth, who runs wildlife safari photo workshops, waited patiently in a concealed blind from 2pm until 5am to capture this rare footage of the thirsty lions. As you can hear in the video, he’s snapping off quite a few still photos as well.

Instead of a flash, which would have likely scared the animals away, Haygarth used LED spotlights to illuminate the scene so he could capture these magnificent creatures and their crisp reflections in the water. The video first appeared on the Caters Clips YouTube channel.