Animal Abusing Veterinarian

Daniel Koller, a long time veterinarian practicing in Oregon (and previously California) has been seen abusing pets for many years–sometimes violently–leading in some cases to their deaths.  But the dominant U.S. culture’s continued perception (and therefore U.S. laws and judicial system’s position) of pets as “property” has protected him and his egregious actions–for decades.

We hope you will help spread the word as we have to our own friends and colleagues in Oregon to stay away from this demented madman masquerading as a professional.

Across the country, there is less accountability for veterinarians than there is for practitioners who treat people. While courts award multimillion-dollar judgments for negligence in hospitals, states treat companion animals as a form of property, and owners have little opportunity to sue for damages beyond the cost of a replacement.

Unlike the extensive national records kept on doctors and nurses, there is no comparable data repository to track problematic veterinarians, and state review boards rarely put sanctioned practitioners out of business.  -New York Times

animal abusing veterinarian


*Warning:  Readers who are especially sensitive should be aware that the descriptions of animal abuse that patients and staff witnessed at the hands of this vet are difficult to read.



The FIREPAW book on Animal Abuse

The book, “Silent Victims: Recognizing and Stopping Abuse of the Family Pet”, co-written by a FIREPAW researcher/cofounder, continues to make its way into the hands of professionals who can make a difference.  Education-based non-profits and libraries across the country have added the book to their collections. To order your copy contact us.

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