Gerbil Art Museum: A COVID-19 Lock Down-Inspired Creation

Rather than going bonkers from the COVID-19 lock down, one London-based couple stuck inside for the foreseeable future designed and built a tiny art museum for their pet gerbils, Pandoro & Tiramisù. The gerbils’ humans–a museum curator and an artist–meticulously hand-made the incredibly detailed, miniature gallery from cardboard, paper, and wood…

The opening exhibition features gerbil versions of famous artworks, including Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Scream. The tiny museum even features little cardboard benches and a sign that says “Please Don’t Chew.” The two adorable gerbils are captured on camera enjoying a private viewing of the exclusive show. However, the furry art lovers clearly enjoy breaking the rules—a video captured the cheeky pair taking tiny chunks out of a cardboard stool.

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Pandoro & Tiramisù: Instagram | YouTube