Nearly Half of Owners have Anxiety when Separated from their Dogs: Survey

A new survey of over 2,600 U.S. pet guardians revealed that nearly half of dog owners (47%) said they experienced separation anxiety while spending time away from their pets.

Separation anxiety was most common in surveyed dog owners from Arizona; the pet parents ranked 13.1% higher than the national average. Pet parents in New York were close behind at 11.03%, followed by and Virginia and Maryland at 8.97% apiece.

On the flip side, Colorado dog owners reported separation anxiety in their pets at a 5.58% higher rate than the national average. Florida was next at 4.98%, while Michigan and Pennsylvania came in at 4.62% each.

Source: CertaPet survey

Other Fun Facts

Bonding: Over one-third of the surveyed dog owners consider their dog more important than a significant other70% even said they would end a relationship if their partner refused to allow their dog around as frequently as they’d like.

Dog anxiety: 76% said their pups experience separation anxiety.  Nearly the same number of Americans said they would get another dog if it meant making their other pooch less anxious.

Traveling: Americans are willing to leave their dogs behind for an average of nine days, per the survey.

Home alone: Dog owners are typically willing to leave their furry friend alone at home for roughly 6.7 hours each day.

Noisy pets: Half of the surveyed dog owners say their dog barks and makes noises when left home alone.

Messy pets: About one-quarter of owners reported their dogs urinating or defecating in response to being left alone.  Another quarter of respondents said their pups destroy property when left by themselves.

Stay close to home: Nearly 70% of Americans would prefer to work from home permanently if it meant maintaining their dog’s well-being.

Canceled plans: Over 40% have even canceled plans if their dog was not welcome to join.