Learn what your cat is saying app

So there is a new app that uses machine learning technology to supposedly tell you what your cat is saying when s/he meows. We published a piece on this quite awhile back when the app developers had first released it. Apparently cat owners in the U.S. were not that taken with the idea but people in Japan went bonkers for the app (there were 17 million downloads at release, source). Now it is finally getting some traction worldwide.

The bottom line: the new ‘cat translator’ app reportedly helps cat owners decipher what their pets are trying to tell them.  MeowTalk founders say they have found a formula that is able to identify a cat’s meows and translate them into human languages.  It works by identifying a meow and linking it to one of 13 pre-set vocalizations, with phrases like ‘Feed me’, ‘I’m angry’, ‘Leave me alone’ and ‘I’m in love’.

You can give it a try here.