Dog Fears and Remedies

Having a dog that is frequently fearful of new situations, noises, and things like height can be challenging for dogs and their owners.  But now we are starting to understand the triggers of those fears and more importantly, the remedies. While genes (breed) plays a role, a new scientific study has discovered that the more dogs are engaged in activities and the more diverse experiences and canine friends they have, the less fearful they are in new situations and environments.

Rats Need an Advocate. Will it be You?

We know that like us, rats are intelligent, kind and empathic and sometimes experience regret, have an active memory life, laugh and play games, plan ahead, engage in bartering and trading, are super helpful, and are great at tasks, using tools and learning.   So why, when we have scientific evidence of all of these attributes, do we treat rats so inhumanely–in the scientific lab, as well as the outer world?