Four out of Six Great Apes One Step Away from Extinction, Experts Say

Four out of Six Great Apes One Step Away from Extinction, Experts Say

Four out of six great ape species are now Critically Endangered — only one step away from going extinct — with the remaining two also under considerable threat of extinction…

The Eastern Gorilla (Gorilla beringei) — which is made up of two subspecies — has moved from Endangered to Critically Endangered due to a devastating population decline of more than 70% in 20 years. Its population is now estimated to be fewer than 5,000. Grauer’s Gorilla (G. b. graueri), one subspecies of Eastern Gorilla — has lost 77% of its population since 1994, declining from 16,900 individuals to just 3,800 in 2015. Killing or capture of great apes is illegal; yet hunting represents the greatest threat to Grauer’s Gorillas. The second subspecies of Eastern Gorilla — the Mountain Gorilla (G. b. beringei) -is faring better and has increased in number to around 880 individuals.

Four of the six great apes — Eastern Gorilla, Western Gorilla, Bornean Orangutan and Sumatran Orangutan — are now listed as Critically Endangered, whilst the Chimpanzee and Bonobo are listed as Endangered.

Source: International Union for Conservation of Nature. “Four out of six great apes one step away from extinction, experts say.” ScienceDaily.  <>


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