Coast Guard Gives Mouth-to-Mouth Resuscitation, Saves Drowning Kitten

A purrfect rescue: Italian coast guard saves drowning kitten

A tiny kitten that went for an ill-advised swim in the Sicilian sea has hung on to eight of its nine lives, thanks to a rescue mission by Italy’s coast guard.

When a group of children at the port town of Marsala spotted the one-month-old cat floating in the sea, having apparently breathed his last, a patrolling officer dived in to save him.

Massaging the kitten’s chest, murmuring encouragement and using mouth-to-mouth resuscitation just as they would on a human, officers managed to coax signs of life and eventually a weak miaow from the soaking animal.




Port authorities were so touched they decided to adopt the kitten, naming him “Charlie”.


Source: Reuters/Reporting by Isla Binnie; editing by John Stonestreet


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  1. Amazing rescue thank goodness he was noticed and his life saved. No doubt we need more people with good hearts in the world, tho I have to wonder how the kitten actually got into the water? Did he himself or was he in an abusive situation and thrown in? Anything goes these days as I hear plenty stories of animal abuse and suffering. 😕

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