Risky Spit: Scientists say dog, cat licks can carry bacteria dangerous to humans

Some people swear by the ‘healing properties’ of dogs’ saliva, but while there may be some truth to this when it comes to their own wounds, the same does not hold true for humans.  In fact, letting your dog lick a wound on your body can be quite risky as the human body is unable to handle the variety of potential bacterial pathogens present in dog and cat saliva.  Read on for some scary possibilities stemming from dog and cat kisses and licks…


How Dog and Cat ‘Kisses’ Can Turn Deadly

A host of potential pathogens lurks in each slobbery or scratchy lick.

National Geographic


…most of us don’t really know what’s swimming around in our pets’ saliva, or how dangerous it might be. Our skin and immune systems normally stand between us and our pets’ germs—but those systems can be breached…

Now, scientists have begun to describe all the bacterial species living in dogs’ and cats’ mouths and compare them to our own, and their work is revealing a host of potential pathogens lurking in each slobbery kiss or scratchy lick…