Pet-Friendly Movie Theater, Woof!

If you hate leaving your dog behind when you go out to ‘No pets allowed’ venues you will appreciate this:  There is now a pet-friendly movie theater.  yee-ha!  The theater welcomes pets and for the price of admission serves free unlimited wine and whisky during movies along with offering food and dog treats for purchase.

The pet-friendly theater, K9 Cinemas, opened in Texas in 2018 and is the brainchild of dog-lover Eric Lankford who came up with the idea after being frustrated with needing to leave his Australian Eskimo dog, Bear, at home when he went out to entertainment events.

K9 Cinemas is a small venue so lacks the clout for new releases, but instead focuses on its specialty: themed nights and one-off screenings (such as Game of Thrones). Dogs can watch the shows or take a nap, feeling secure that their humans are nearby.

The Rules: All theater visitors are responsible for any cleanup needed from their pets and first-time visitors must bring veterinary papers to confirm their dog is up to date with vaccinations.

Find out more here: K9 Cinemas


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