McHive: Tiny MickeyDs to Save Bees

To help save our bees McDonald’s recently commissioned creative agency NORDDDB to design a miniature restaurant yet called McHive. The tiny franchise is a fully functioning beehive, complete with everything the endangered insects need to thrive…

The idea for McHive was developed in response to the already existing sustainability efforts in many Swedish McDonald’s restaurants, where individual stores have installed beehives on their rooftops…


McHive is now ready to welcome thousands of “important guests.” The exterior of the miniature McDonald’s restaurant features little drive-through windows, itsy-bitsy al fresco tables, and is topped with a scaled-down version of fast food brand’s iconic golden arches logo. Inside, bees can happily buzz around wooden frames, where they can create honeycomb to store honey and pollen. (source)

Find out more about McHive on the NORDDDB website.