NYC Animal Rights Bundle: Bans Force-Fed Poultry, Protects Wild Birds, Carriage Horses

As of October 30, 2019, New York City has passed an animal rights legislative bundle including banning foie gras and other force-fed poultry, protecting pigeons and other wild birds, and tightening the current law to protect carriage horses.

Force-fed ducks and other poultry

In a hideously inhumane process that involves sticking feeding tubes down their throats, ducks and geese are force-fed corn until their livers become engorged.  Then the ducks are killed and humans serve their fatty livers (aka foie gras) as a delicacy.  But not everyone wants the so-called delicacy on their plates–especially in New York City.  In fact, foie gras lovers may soon have to leave the city to get their cravings met.  On October 30, 2019, New York City banned the sale of foie gras–and all types of force-fed poultry–within city limits. The ban is scheduled to take effect in three years, in a move meant to give farmers time to retool their businesses to focus on other products.  But not everyone is thrilled with the pending legislation.  Foie gras producers in the state oppose the ruling and are lawyer-ing up to sue to have the ban overturned.

Beyond Ducks


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In a legislative bundle intended to stop harm to animals in general, the City Council approved a sweeping package of animal-rights bills that not only includes banning the sale of the controversial French delicacy foie gras beginning in 2022, but also (1) prohibits the sale, capture or possession of pigeons and other wild birds in the city, and (2) further tightens regulations on the horse carriage industry (the new legislation prohibits carriage horses from working when temperatures hit 80 degrees).