Mystery Dog Illness Solved: Its CoronaVirus

Researchers have solved the mystery of an outbreak of vomiting among dogs. It has been traced back to a type of animal coronavirus.  (Vets began reporting cases of acute onset prolific vomiting in dogs back in 2019/20.)


The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNet) at the University of Liverpool asked vets for help in collecting data, with 1,258 case questionnaires from vets and owners plus 95 clinical samples from 71 animals. Based on this data, a team from the universities of Liverpool, Lancaster, Manchester and Bristol identified the outbreak as most likely to be a variant of canine enteric coronavirus (CeCoV). Canine coronavirus only affects dogs and is not the same as Sars Cov2 which causes Covid in humans. Researchers found no evidence of any similar illness in people.


Journal Reference:  Alan D. Radford, David A. Singleton, Chris Jewell, Charlotte Appleton, Barry Rowlingson, Alison C. Hale, Carmen Tamayo Cuartero, Richard Newton, Fernando Sánchez-Vizcaíno, Danielle Greenberg, Beth Brant, Eleanor G. Bentley, James P. Stewart, Shirley Smith, Sam Haldenby, P.-J. M. Noble, Gina L. Pinchbeck. Outbreak of Severe Vomiting in Dogs Associated with a Canine Enteric Coronavirus, United Kingdom. Emerging Infectious Diseases, 2021; 27 (2): 517

DOI: 10.3201/eid2702.202452