Adopt a Beagle Rescued from Breeding Facility


All 4,000 Former Research Beagles Finally Rescued from Virginia Breeding Facility: ‘An Incredible Journey’

People who are interested in adopting one of the beagles can view a list of shelters and other partners that will have the dogs in their adoption programs.



Thousands of beagles that were bred to be sold to laboratories for experiments have been rescued and are about to hit shelters around the U.S. These dogs need new adoptive homes. Read on to find out how to adopt one of these dogs.


A Virginia breeding facility was shut down recently after authorities discovered inhumane conditions the dogs were being kept in. The dogs had been bred to sell to labs for experimentation There are 4,000 beagles in need of good homes.  Authorities have only about two months to find homes for all the dogs. If you are interested in fostering, adopting, or helping in other ways, here’s how to get involved*…

Contact your local shelters and rescuers

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), is the sole party responsible for managing the removal of the beagles. The transfer is going to take place in stages over the next 60 days and the dogs will be distributed to over 350 affiliated shelters and rescue partners across the U.S.  HSUS will be releasing a list of those organizations accepting animals into their adoption program at this link

Contact your local animal shelter/rescue organization to find out if they are participating.  Here is the link your local shelter can use to contact the Humane Society if they are willing to take any of the dogs.

*Adopting or fostering any animal is a major commitment, and even more commitment is needed to care for an animal who is coming from inhumane conditions.