‘Horrifying’ Overcrowded Conditions at Animal Shelters

How did this happen again?  Overcrowded, inhumane conditions at L.A. animal shelters that are so bad shelter dogs go for weeks without walks and some have been unable to leave their cramped cages for weeks–and even monthsSee more information from the investigative report here.

The pandemic undoubtedly played a role, especially with an influx of people getting animals to keep them company during the lock-down who later decided they were unable to care for their animal family members. Now, in a city that relies on hundreds of unpaid volunteers to walk and exercise the dogs, volunteers say that they can’t keep up with the influx of animals.  Read more here.


Is your community also experiencing overcrowded, inhumane conditions for animals?  If so, please consider volunteering to walk and play with these innocent victims of the pandemic.

Contributor: Barry H.