Renting with Pets: Resources for Tenants and Landlords

FIREPAW’s Companion Animal Renter’s Program [CARP] was recently referred to readers by a Washington Post op-ed written by award-winning journalist S.E. Smith.  It was a piece about the reported spike in post-pandemic pet dumping in which, rather than pointing fingers at the pet-owners, the author offers more expansive, socio-cultural contextual factors as explanations for pet abandonment in the U.S. Read on for Resources for Tenants and Landlords…Rental Housing and Pets…

Fatal Attraction: Pipi Bats Drawn to Wind Turbines

Many different species of bats are killed by wind turbines worldwide. Researchers set out to examine just how widespread the problem of bats killed by wind turbines is, and to try and figure out why bats are killed even when wind turbines are constructed in areas where there are typically low concentrations of bats.